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by Adell Gladney on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana

I give this company all 4 stars for there service and commitment on keep your basement dry never had a problem with anything thank you Everdry.
A.G. Fort wayne Indiana

by Tiffany Aldred on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana
Fantastic warranty

We recently moved into this house and the previous owners had a warranty with Everdry. They told us to be sure to keep the warranty. We are so glad that we have. It’s nice having peace of mind, knowing that if anything goes wrong they will come and
Fix it right away!

by Judy Pruski on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana

Everdry waterproofed the basement. Seemed to do a professional job. Need a follow-up consultation.


Our basement has been dry for over 10 years thanks to Everdry's been a relief!

by Karen Stoltz on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana
Great business ethics

Everdry waterproofed our crawl space. They did an excellent job and when we moved here 19 years ago, the warranty was transferable from the previous owners. KS Fort


We called everdry two years ago and our basement is still dry. Thank you Everdry

by Stan Lehman on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana
Dry Basement

Since we have installed the Everdry system, we have had a dry basement. Very satisfied with the results!

by Karen Stoltz on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana
Great service

Service is outstanding!

by Myron Yoder on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana
Another year of dry basement

Bought a home with Everdry waterproofing and have had no problems with it. Even with very heavy rains leaving standing water in our yard our basement is always dry.

M. Y., Syracuse

Still Dry

Everdry worked on our basement 20 years ago and have since provided excellent customer service with any request we've made.

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