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by Julie Roberts on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana
Still dry!

We had our basement done several years ago and it is still dry! One of the best decisions we have made regarding our home.

by John Burrows on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana

We had a complete waterproofing done, which included sealing the outside walls on our lower level, installing a sump pump and drain tiles around the interior perimeter and a dehumidifier. it has been 3 years and no sign of water. We did have to have the battery replaced, but that is normal maintenance. Our one complaint was when the new concrete was put down over the drainage tiles, it was not even enough to have a floor installed. They did come and re-do it, but it still needed additional work before we could put down flooring.

by James Dennison on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana
dry basement

We had trouble with water in our basement for a long time . We tried fixing it ourselves a few times and failed every time. A representative from Everdry came by our house and talked us into showing us our they could help. It was 1 of the best decisions we ever made. We haven't had any trouble for the last 4 years. I recommend them to anybody with water trouble. You will be very happy with the results

Satisfied Customer

We have lived in this house for 12 years now. The previous owner had Everdry waterproof the basement. We have been very satisfied with Everdry and the service we have received from them.

Dry Basement

Everdry came out and worked on my basement 8 yrs. ago and I have had a dry basement ever since. Battery on pump died and they came and installed one with 24 hrs. of my calling. Very happy with their service.

by Rillys Shannon on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana
Fixed a wet basement

I have had the best experience with this company, a few years ago. They to this day answer questions I have. Thats a good thing. RS Howe, In

by James Dennison on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana
How everdry helped us

We had problems with water in our basement every time we had a lot of rain. We kept trying to fix it ourselves, but nothing worked. One day, a representative of Everdry and asked to set up an appointment to show us how they could help us fix the problem. It was a great decision on our part!!! We've had no problems since thanks to Everdry. If you have problems with water in your basement, I highly recommend you giving them a call. You may think you cant afford it, but you cant afford to let it go either. You'll love the results!!!

by Robert R. Atherton on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana
Everdry Review

We are extremely pleased with Everdry's waterproofing work. Our job was completed in August 2014 and our basement has been absolutely dry ever since, in spite of several heavy rains we have had since. Even though the regrading effort was less than ideal, we still highly recommend Everdry waterproofing. R. A., Indianapolis, IN.

by Jerry Rodman on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana
basement still dry

Basement has been dry even with large spring rains this spring. JLR Angola, IN

Stands by their work

I had everdry come out in the middle of 2016 to do some work to my house. After the first initial work didn't take, I called them a year later. Everdry came back out to fix the issue. They truly stand behind their work and I appreciate a company like that.

RAC - Fort Wayne, IN

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