4 Causes of Bowed Basement Walls | Fort Wayne, IN

Bowed Basement Walls | Fort Wayne, IN

4 Causes of Bowed Basement Walls and How to Fix the Problem

Basement wall bowing results when the walls of a building bend inwards to form what looks like a bow. Bowed basement walls are commonly caused by excessive lateral pressure that is exerted on a wall from the outside. Too much pressure can make the wall to curve inwards, to crack, or even to disintegrate. Basement wall bowing is common because the basement is always under pressure from the weight of the material above it. As well, the expansion and contraction of the soil that surrounds the basement foundation exerts pressure on the basement foundation and causes the basement walls to curve. Four common causes of bowed basement walls are explained below.
1. Rainy weather
The weather is one of the factors that contribute to a large extent to the bowing of basement walls. When the ground that surrounds and holds the basement walls and gets saturated with water, the weight of the soil increases. As a result, the heavy soil puts more pressure on the basement walls, which makes them curve.
2. Soil with a high clay content
Soil that has more cay expands and contracts easily with changes in the quantity of moisture in the ground. Clay holds more water during rainy weather, and this results in more pressure being put exerted the basement walls. Bowing can occur when the walls are unable to withstand the pressure.
Bowed Basement Walls | Fort Wayne, IN
3. Trees
Roots of trees that are planted too close to a house will exert some pressure on the basement walls. If the pressure is from large roots, it can lead to basement wall bowing.
4. Leaking pipes
Leaks in the plumbing system can have the same impact as that of rainwater. The leaking water seeps into the ground and causes the soil that surrounds the basement wall to exert more pressure on these walls. Eventually, the basement walls are likely to bend.
How to repair bowing basement walls
A competent foundation repair company can help you fix bowed basement walls. The repair work can be done using any of these methods: wall anchors, force wall brace, or carbon fiber. These methods vary in terms of the materials used and the cost. A certified technician will assess the extent of damage on your basement wall and advise you on the most appropriate repair method. It is advisable to always work with an established company when doing tasks such as bowed basement wall assessment and repair.
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