Complaints & Reviews

Complaints & Reviews

Basement / CrawlSpace Waterproofing

“Thank you for your company and the service it offers to homeowners with damp basement syndrome. For years we have suffered without really knowing affordability and relief was possible. Your staff was professional, courteous, and efficient at all times. I look forward to many years of no more damp basement and cleaner air.”

-D.W., Waterloo, IN

“The worksite was kept as tidy as a torn-up basement could be. We had quite a bit of snow while they were here, but they kept the mess to a minimum. The workmen used a cellar door to prevent additional dirt from getting tracked through the house. They arrived promptly each morning and waited until we came home to leave. Each day we received an update on the progress of our basement. We are very satisfied with Everdry’s professionalism, courtesy, and efficiency.”

-R.P., Paulding, OH

“The crew was professional and polite. They worked efficiently and made sure to complete the job with minimal impact on my house. The job was done quickly, professionally and to my satisfaction. I will definitely be referring the Everdry System to others.” recommendation.”

-J.O., Freemont, IN

“Job well done!! We have never had a home with a basement much less one that held so much water. Your company came in and gave us a great rate, not to mention the quick efficiency of getting the job done. We were called on a Wednesday, they arrived on Thursday and done on Friday! Now I am just waiting so I can see just how wonderful my basement will be without the water!! Thank you.”

-T.K., Bluffton, IN

About E-Z BREATHE What Others Say

“I decided to call Everdry; in addition to the water problem, I also had mold and dry rot conditions that can cause health problems. Everdry came out and repaired the damage and now I am water free due to their Multi-Step system and EZ Breathe ventilation systems. Thanks Everdry for resolving my problem. If you have water problems I recommend Everdry. The cost is worth it in the long run for your family’s health safety.”

-K.M., Ft. Wayne

“I can already tell the difference in air quality in the ouse & we feel this was avery good investment in our house with the EZ Breathe. Overall we are very happy with the work done & can not wait to enjoy using our basement again!”

-R.S., Columbia City, IN

“We have had an extremely wonderful experience with the Everdry Company. All employees have been very respectful and honest, and answered all questions promptly and concisely. We appreciate that the project was completed on schedule. The respect and manner in which you and all employees have handled (everything) was phenomenal and something that isn’t typically par of customer service anymore. Thanks for everything!”

-V.M., New Bremen, OH

“From what I heard fro your crew, they seem to be a good group of guys to work with. Coming originally from a farm and then factory background, it was good to see that when the guys were working, they were working hard to get things done and please us! Once again, thank you for an excellent job!”

-E.H., Berne, IN

Foundation Repair Reviews

“When you spend a lot of money – it feels good when you received what you expected & paid for. Everdry – you did a good job by me! I would recommend a positive note to anyone who has my waterproofing problem”

-A.G., N. Manchester, IN

“Everdry did avery satisfactory job installing their system in our house. We have used them before and plan to do so again soon.”

-A.W., Hoagland, IN