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Still wet/moldy basement

We have an ongoing water issue that is a bit more difficult than most so this review will probably have some good and some not so good to report. We have been dealing with this same water table issue since we built the house. Everdry has been pretty good in responding to the ongoing needs like adding additional sump's, more pumps etc. However, they do need a quicker response time and once the job is scheduled they need to keep on that job before going to others. We had a scheduled appointment and they came but didn't have the correct tools/parts to finish the job and then had to be re-scheduled over 2 weeks out before they could come next! We do appreciate the work that has been done but with our extremely high water table we still have a wet( not flooded ) basement floor due to the water so close to the concrete etc. They have came out numerous times to adjust floats, change bad pumps etc, but still we had several fail and earlier this spring had over 16" of water flood the basement damaging the furnace, water heater, wood work etc. We are not sure how this guarantee is supposed to work but it is not fixing the problem for long term. I personally have tried to get the owner to come to the site and visit so he can see what he thinks would be best but have yet to have him contact or visit. We are not sure what good the warranty is if it doesn't keep the basement from getting wet at all, not only pumping it out after it has been flooded. We would be happy to talk more with them regarding this ongoing issue. G. N. Shipshewana, IN.

Everdry is Great!

We have had Everdry for the 23 years we have lived in our home. We have only experienced one problem in those 23 years. We simply called Everdry and they took care of the problem quickly and it has never been a problem since. I highly recommend Everdry for anyone who has a basement. The peace of mind that water isn't in our basement is reassuring!

Outstanding Home-Improvement Product

Everdry of Ft. Wayne has been an outstanding investment for our 140+ year old home! When we bought it we literally had water streaming in and running across the floor to a floor drain. Since having the system installed we have a completely dry basement. This is truly amazing with all the rain we have experienced this spring and summer. When we refinanced our home, Everdry added to the value of our home, too! S.P. Kendallville

It works

I had bad water problems in my basement. This company came and fixed it for me. The workers were nice and respectful. When I had any other problems they came and fixed them.
JRC Peru. IN.

Basement Waterproofing

We moved into our home in 2004. Everdry was installed by the previous owners sometime before we moved in. We continued the warranty and we have not had the first problem. Would highly recommend to anyone.
R.H. in Richmond, IN

by Nicole & Robert Bastian on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana
Great results

We have had Everdry for several years. We were having water getting under our slab. They fixed it and we have had it bone dry ever since.

20 years

This was a wonderful idea. Our basement has been dry more than 20 years and we use it all the time! SLS, Fort Wayne


Continued dry after several years, hooray.

by Stephanie Young on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana
Strongly recommend Everdry Waterproofing

I just had my basement waterproofed by Everdry about 3 months ago. I was very pleased with the workers and their attention to detail on my home. They explained the system and the process that would take place. So far there has been no water in my basement. Thank you Everdry!

by Craig & Ruthanne Kirkwood on Everdry Fort Wayne, Indiana
our everdry experience

our basement was a mess the first good rains we encountered after moving into our new house 5 years ago. so we contacted Everdry in fort Wayne, IN. they came out and fixed our problems. now we have a really nice finished dry basement 4 years now
Craig & Ruthanne Kirkwood

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