Foundation Repair: What You Need to Know Fort Wayne, IN

Do you fret when you hear the phrase ‘foundation repair’? If your answer is yes, then you are one of the many people who get worried when they hear about the need to repair the foundations of their houses. Indeed, foundation repair is one of the costliest repair works that you can do on your house.

Whether you are dealing with the basement, crawlspace or the foundation walls, you need to know what foundation repair is all about. Below are some facts about foundation repair.

What is foundation repair? Foundation Repair | Fort Wayne, IN | Everdry Waterproofing of Northern Indiana

Foundation repair refers to the repair work that you require when the foundation of your building is damaged. This often occurs when the core structure of the building is in distress.

How does foundation damage occur?

Foundation damage is caused by many factors. One of the most notable causes is the movement of concrete as it shrinks or swells due to the presence of water. Foundation damage is usually more pronounced when the area that surrounds the foundation does not have adequate drainage facilities.

Soil that has a large amount of clay also makes buildings susceptible to foundation damage because of the tendency of the soil to absorb water.

What is the impact of foundation damage?

Foundation damage is a serious problem that is associated with effects such as damage of buildings, cracks, improper functioning of a building, and loss of property value. Buildings that have foundation problems are also unsafe.

What are the signs of foundation damage?

You can know that your building needs foundation repair if it shows any of the following signs:

  • Cracks on the walls, foundation and floor – Cracks on the floor, walls and foundation are often caused by an uneven settling or movement of the foundation. Some types of cracks do not necessarily indicate structural damage. However, severe cracks like horizontal cracks on basements and foundation walls need to be repaired immediately to avoid further damage.
  • Uneven floors – An uneven floor is often caused by a shifting or settling foundation problem that eventually affects the floor system.
  • Misaligned or sticking windows and doors – Problems such as gaps at the top of a window or door and windows and doors that do not open or close properly are an indication that the foundation has shifted and needs to be leveled.
  • Bowed foundation and basement walls –Bent walls often result from the pressure that is exerted on the foundation as the surrounding soil absorbs water.

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