Important Tips about Wall Cracks and the Techniques to Repair Them in Fort Wayne, IN

If you are a homeowner, the appearance of cracks on your building’s walls is something that can make you panic. This is because it is not always easy to determine the extent of damage to a building by merely looking at cracks.

However, knowing the different types of cracks and what they mean for your building can help you in planning for the repair of these cracks. Notably, some cracks signify significant damage to the structure of a building, while others naturally indicate the settling or shrinking and expansion of materials such as concrete. This article gives you 4 common types of wall cracks and the techniques that are used to repair them.

4 Types of Wall Cracks

  • Vertical Cracks: Vertical wall cracks indicate stress in the wall due to hydrostatic pressure. Such cracks can make water to seep into the basement and result in further damage. Vertical cracks should be repaired to avoid further damage as a result of water seepage into the wall.
  • Diagonal Cracks: Diagonal cracks have a diagonal orientation, and they indicate problems such as sinking or settling of the foundation. Some diagonal cracks arise due to hydrostatic pressure from the soil that surrounds the foundation of the building, while others result from an incorrect mix of the concrete.
  • Step Cracks: Step cracks are comparable to diagonal cracks, but they have a staircase shape since they mostly occur in the joints of concrete blocks.
  • Horizontal Cracks: Horizontal wall cracks indicate considerable damage in the wall’s structure. They are associated with wall bowing that can cause the wall to collapse if the cracks are not repaired.

Techniques to Repair Vertical Cracks, Diagonal Cracks, and Horizontal Cracks  Wall Cracks | Everdry Waterproofing | Fort Wayne,Indiana

Different methods can be used to repair wall cracks. The choice of a repair method depends on the type of crack. It also depends on the extent to which the wall has been damaged. You should consult a professional wall repair contractor whenever you spot cracks on a building.

The following are some of the techniques that can be used to repair walls cracks:

  • Filling the Crack Using an Appropriate Crack Filler: Crack sealants such as the Stabl-Wall™ technology, epoxy, and polyurethane can be used to seal cracks. Stabl-Wall™, in particular, makes quite strong bonds since it uses carbon sheets that prevent the cracks from expanding further.
  • Use of Concrete, Rods, and Repair Beams: Your contractor can also use concrete repair beams and rods to fix some types of cracks.

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