Battery Backup System: The Truth About Power Outages and Basement Waterproofing

Battery Backup System: The Truth About Power Outages And Basement Waterproofing Fort Wayne, IN

As a homeowner, you probably have come to accept power outages as a common nuisance during storms. If you’re like most, you live in the dark until the energy company can restore power. What you may not realize, however, is how a seemingly short power outage could leave you with thousands of dollars’ worth of water damage. Installing a battery backup system is the only way to prevent this from happening. Here’s why you need to install one sooner rather than later. Battery Backup System | Fort Wayne, IN | Everdry Waterproofing of Northern Indiana

The Wet Truth About Power Outages

While a power outage may interrupt your favorite television program, it will also cut power to your sump pump. Without a working sump pump, water will quickly accumulate in your basement. It’s astonishing to learn how much water can enter your home during a surging storm.

A mere five minutes without power is more than enough time for 90 gallons of water to enter your residence. If the sump pump doesn’t work, the water could end up flooding the basement. In only about an hour, you may find yourself mopping up 1,000 gallons of stormwater.


Where There’s Water, There’s Mold

Water accumulation isn’t just a pain to clean up. It can also lead to costly damage. Mold and fungus love growing in a damp, moist environment. Not only can they leave ugly stains on your walls or ruin your furniture, but breathing in mold or fungus can be hazardous to your health.

Experts estimate mold will begin to grow after only a day or two. That small window doesn’t give you much time to remediate the flood damage. The best way to avoid dealing with a flooded basement is by installing a battery backup system.

Sump Pump Power During Outages

If you don’t want to find a flooded basement after a storm, you should invest in a battery backup system. Whenever the power to the rest of the house goes out, these systems automatically gets to work. It will keep the sump pump fully operational until the power gets restored. This ingenious backup plan means you’ll never worry about a wet basement after a storm again.

A functional sump pump is a must for any house with a basement. Failing sump pumps are one of the leading causes of water damage, and most sump pumps only stop working when there isn’t a power supply. A foundation repair professional can help you pick out the right battery backup system model to keep your home dry, even when it’s pouring down rain outside. Get in touch with a reputable professional to have your backup system installed before the next storm.

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