Sticking Windows and Doors – Do You Need Basement Waterproofing? Muncie, IN

Foundation Cracks | Muncie, IN

Have you been struggling to shut your windows or doors? Do you struggle to get them open? Your doors were just fine until recently. The issue can cause irritation. But it’s nothing that a little sanding can’t solve, right?

In some cases, sanding down your doors and windows can help to make them fit into their frames better. However, there are cases when sticking doors and windows are a sign of a more serious problem. They may indicate that your home needs basement waterproofing.

Why are your doors and windows sticking?

Windows and doors often change in size. These changes are often in response to changes in the environment. For example, your door may expand in the winter as levels of humidity increase and the wood absorbs moisture from the air around it. It will then shrink back when humidity levels drop.

Doors and windows may also stick as a result of mechanical issues. It is therefore worth taking the time to inspect the door or window assembly to find out if there are any issues.

If you’ve sanded down your doors and windows and fixed any possible mechanical issue yet they continue to stick, the issue may be much bigger. You may be dealing with a foundation issue. You may need to invest in basement waterproofing in order to restore the smooth working of your doors and windows.

Foundation Cracks | Muncie, IN

Other indicators of foundation issues

The sticking of your doors and windows isn’t enough to ascertain that you have a foundation issue. You should look for other signs that your foundation is failing. These include:

  • Wall cracks

Wall cracks are one of the first signs you’ll notice of foundation failure. They may indicate that you need to invest in waterproofing your basement. These cracks may be the result of the inward bowing of the foundation as a result of increased hydrostatic pressure acting against the wall.

  • A musty odor in your basement

Cracks in your basement walls may not be obvious. It may be that you have a finished basement and the cracks are hidden behind the drywall for example. However, you may have noticed a musty smell coming from the basement. This is often an indicator of the presence of mold in the basement. You should have your basement inspected not only for mold but also for the source of water and any related foundation issues.

You can have your home inspected by a foundation repair contractor if you suspect that the issues with your windows and doors are related to your foundation. This could save you time and money if you are able to catch and repair the problem in its early stages.


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