Tips for Working with a Basement Waterproofing Contractor Fort Wayne, IN

Tips for Working with a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

No one wants to wake up to a flooded basement. If you’ve hired a basement waterproofing contractor, you’re one step closer to ensuring you won’t have to deal with a flooded basement for some years to come.

Many people assume that finding the right basement waterproofing contractor is the hardest part of the process. They think that their work is done once they’ve signed the contracts. The truth is that your work is only beginning.

The following are some tips to help make working with your contractor a little easier.  Basement Waterproofing | Fort Wayne, IN | Everdry Waterproofing of Northern Indiana

  1. Understand the contract

You will be required to sign a contract before the work on your home begins. Be sure to understand the terms of the contract. Pay special attention to the details on the contract such as the conditions of the warranty and what it covers as well as the responsibilities of the contractor and the owner.

If you’re uncertain about anything on the contract, be sure to ask for clarification from the contractor. You should be sure of what you’re getting yourself into.

  1. Establish good communication right from the start

It doesn’t matter how large or small the project is; good communication is key for a successful project. Ask your contractor about their preferred means of communication. You should check in with the contractor on a daily basis. This may mean being on site when he arrives and asking about the work that needs to be done and what has already been completed. If this isn’t possible, you should check in with them either by phone call, text or email.

  1. Keep track of the project

This means keeping track of anything related to the project.

  • Keep any records or paperwork, including receipts, in one place that you can easily access.
  • Keep record of progress of the project.
  • Keep a log of conversations, phone calls and any other communication with the contractor
  • Note product order numbers and delivery dates or expected delivery dates


  1. Check the work

Inspect the work before you sign off on the final payment. You should ensure that the work has been done according to the contract. The contractors should leave the site clean and all excess materials and any equipment should have been cleared from the site. Only sign off on the payments after you have approved the completed work.

Where to complain

What happens if you have a problem during or after the basement waterproofing project is completed? You should first try to resolve the issue with the contractor. Keep track of any communication between you and the contractor. You may also want to consider contacting the manufacturer of the parts that were installed, your local consumer protection offices, the Better Business Bureau or the local professional association in your area.

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