bbbThe Better Business Bureau allows you to easily check the reputation of a company by going to www.bbb.org.  And don’t let a silver tongued sales person try to convince you that their complaints don’t mean anything because they’ve all been resolved.  Fact is people go to the BBB when their calls don’t get returned.  The BBB forces the company’s hand.


Some waterproofing companies finally figured out that homeowners want healthy air. If they don’t offer some form of ventilation to create a healthier environment, don’t do business with them.  If they do offer some form of ventilation, make sure the unit is not big, loud, and ugly.

Learn more about Everdry’s EZ Breathe Ventilation System.



Most companies only warranty their sump pumps for 1 to 3 years.  Be careful.  You should get more for your money.

Everdry Waterproofing’s Lifetime Transferable Warranty service agreement covers everything including the sump pump.  You’ll never buy a sump pump again.  See more about Our Free Foundation Inspections.



If you want a permanent fix to your foundation problem, be leery of the “finger in the dike” method of waterproofing. Some companies like to sell you a cheap fix method to get their foot in the door.  When your basement leaks in another area, they are hoping you will call them back.  No one wants to have their basement leak twice.



The #1 complaint in basement waterproofing is the amount of dust that gets created. Sales people do not like to tell you about the amount of dust because this could delay your decision to get the work done. Any reputable company will cover your belongings with plastic. But do they have a dust suppression system?  Don’t let the work be done without it.

Everdry Waterproofing hooked up with Hoover Vacuum. Everdry owns a patent on a dust suppression system. Educate yourself more with the Nation’s Premier Waterproofing Company covering all of the Indiana area.



Yes, we have a warranty but if you need any help, we are going to charge you $100 trip charge.  And don’t believe them if the sales person says, “We never need to come back”.

Everdry has never charged a trip charge in 30 years- Indiana’s Premier Waterproofer.


clip_image004Would you hire an uncertified electrician to install outlets in your house?  I didn’t think so.

Check for a Certified Waterproofer in the Indiana area at http://www.nawsrc.org/refer.php (National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors)



Do you have to take paneling down?  What about the dry wall?  Who is going to move the sink?  The washer?  The dryer?  Are the stairs in the way?  Companies ask customers to do different things. Get clarity!

Search for a company with Minimal Intrusion.


#9 PROFITABLE JOBS</h3 > It is much more profitable for a waterproofer to do just inside work.  It’s easier.  It’s faster. But doesn’t the rain water come from the outside?  Seems to make more sense to keep the rain water outside and not bring it into the house.

Look for a company offering a Variety of Solutions.


#10 PRESSURE PUMPING SOLUTION</h3 > Ask the sales rep if they offer pressure pumping as a solution.  If they say “Yes,” ask them to leave.  Pressure pumping is outlawed in three states.  Consumer Reports wrote an article highly recommending not to use this method. Most waterproofing companies do not use this method.

See the Nation’s Premier Waterproofing Company or call 1-800-EVER-DRY.